The 777 Challenge: Show Us What You Got

The kind, talented, and all-around lovely Christina Dalcher tagged me to share seven lines from the seventh page of a work in progress. First, I want to thank Christina for thinking of me and giving me a fun opportunity to share a few lines from CHANDELIERS. This is an adult romance in which Violet, an American professor of French literature, experiences a time slip while doing a historical reenactment at Versailles. Shortly after Violet discovers she’s in the past, she meets Marie Antoinette, the Princess de Lamballe, and Luke, an American doctor who was also sucked into the past for reasons they haven’t yet discerned.

This scene is only seven pages into the book. Violet and her friend Claire are in an outside entry area in front of Versailles listening to another person tell the story about a famous time-travel incident at Versailles.

But the woman wasn’t ready to go just yet. She placed her swollen fingers on Claire’s shoulder and leaned closer. She spoke in a stage whisper: “Of course, you know about the famous Moberly-Jourdain incident, and their supposed time slip in the gardens surrounding the Petit Trainon.” She raised her eyebrows and hands, revealing tattoos of cartoon cats on the inside of both wrists. This woman had crazy written all over her.

Claire’s eyes grew, her face went slack. “No. What happened?”

The woman inhaled and spoke hurriedly, “This happened in 1902 or around that time. Two women from Britain were walking through the gardens and somehow, they traveled back in time!”

I now get to tag seven authors to do the 777 challenge: Hayley Stone, Ara Grigorian, Annika Sharma, Samantha Bryant, Laura Heffernan, Michelle Hauk, and Ann M. Noser. I look forward to getting a peek at what you’ve got in the works!

Top image via Flickr by Oh Paris


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